Reviews of Rock Climbing Movies. Reviews by a beginner level climber with a fascination for quality climbing films.

Valley Uprising Review History of rock climbing in Yosemite

Valley Uprising Review Reel Rock 9

ShareReel Rock 9 is a climbing history lesson. This review of Valley Uprising is the first review I have done on this website in a long time. It took the …

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the Long Hope scene

The Long Hope

ShareThe Long Hope is pretty much the opposite of the last DVD I reviewed, Thrutch. This is made to be a proper film with far less actual climbing. It is …

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Thrutch climbing review


ShareThrutch is a pretty basic rock climbing film. It does not have any sort of storyline or talking from the actual climbers. There are lots of different climbers all doing …

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Climbing film Asgard Jamming

Asgard Jamming

ShareThis is an awesome rock climbing movie. It follows 4 guys from Belgium and one woman (not sure from where) as they embark on a pretty long journey. The Asgard …

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depthcharge climbing film


Share Depthcharge is my kind of rock climbing film. Deep water soloing in a nice climate. The location is a part of Croatia with nice cliffs. There is a group …

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Dosage V scene in China

Dosage 5

ShareIt’s been about 5 years since I got my first rock climbing DVD which was Dosage 1. It was pretty basic stuff, and it seems that the Dosage series has …

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climbing video Frequesnt Flyers

Frequent Flyers

ShareThis is one of those reviews I had to write immediately. Frequent Flyers is a very enjoyable rock climbing film. Its follows some guys as they take a trip around …

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First Ascent the movie reviewed

First Ascent Movie

ShareFirst Ascent is an epic rock climbing movie. It really feels like a cut above the rest in terms of content and quality. There are various locations including Thailand and …

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Dean Potter in First Ascent

First Ascent TV Series

ShareThis is the first made for TV DVD I have reviewed on this site. After loving the First Ascent movie this was the next logical purchase. This is just as …

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rock climbing fall

E11 climbing film

ShareE11 stars Dave MacLeod who is a Scottish climber. He also starred in The Long Hope and others like the BBC’s Great Climb. E11 is all about his first ascent …

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