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Climbing film Asgard Jamming

Asgard Jamming

asgard jamming reviewThis is an awesome rock climbing movie. It follows 4 guys from Belgium and one woman (not sure from where) as they embark on a pretty long journey. The Asgard wall they attempt is in a beautiful and remote region of Canada. It seems to take them weeks of walking back and forth a 20 mile trip, to carry supplies and equipment before they even start the wall.

Ordinarily that would make for pretty dull viewing but the guys are always in high spirits with plenty of joking around. They also play some pretty cool music together. The granite wall looks great and it takes them over a week to reach the summit. The shooting and editing is done in a way which keeps things interesting throughout.

This is the first of my rock climbing movie reviews that I will give 5 stars to. It is the best of around 10 climbing films I have seen so far. It is in French but the subtitles are easily readable throughout. This should be in your collection. You can buy it online at

5 / 5 stars