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depthcharge climbing film


Depthcharge review

Depthcharge is my kind of rock climbing film. Deep water soloing in a nice climate. The location is a part of Croatia with nice cliffs. There is a group of 16 climbers, mostly from the UK. The also have international climbers including Chris Sharma and there is a cameo appearance from Ozzy Ozbourne’s son Jack who they meet by chance.

The trip is obviously an enjoyable one for all the participants as they hire boats and explore the islands. This translates well to film and we see them having a laugh in between climbs. Deep water climbing looks the most fun because there are no height restrictions that come with bouldering and non of the ropes and other gear needed for traditional climbing. All that is required is a boat and a few pairs of climbing shoes and chalk bags.

As is so often the case with rock climbing DVDs, the music is awful at times. The sound and cameras are just OK. These things don’t matter too much really as we are privileged that they have recorded this for our enjoyment.

4 / 5 stars