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Dosage V scene in China

Dosage 5

dosage V reviewIt’s been about 5 years since I got my first rock climbing DVD which was Dosage 1. It was pretty basic stuff, and it seems that the Dosage series has kept to a similar format. The overall production and number of ‘doses’ has certainly increased and Dosage Vol. 5 is overall, a much better experience. The camera work, music and general feel is of a far higher quality.

Dosage 5 is a quality rock climbing film. There are 8 doses with plenty of bouldering and familiar faces like Chris Sharma. There is a great range of areas covered from China to Spain to Colorado (as usual). Its always a joy to see somewhere new like China featured and the highlight of this DVD is when we see the locals applauding a first ascent of a boulder in the middle of a village.

This is a well rounded DVD and everyone should find something interesting on it. There is a small amount of talking which feels just enough to give us a little insight here and there. The music is better than average which is a plus too. The DVD is ideal to be played in the background and I have a feeling this will be one I repeat more than most.

4 / 5 stars