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E11 climbing film

E11 stars Dave MacLeod who is a Scottish climber. He also starred in The Long Hope and others like the BBC’s Great Climb. E11 is all about his first ascent of a very difficult line. We get to see some pretty horrendous falls which look extremely painful (see the clip below). There are plenty of scenes with him sharing his thoughts. There are also clips from his wife and shots in his home. This is all a nice touch, although I couldn’t make out all of the words. I’m British so I’m guessing those from the States and elsewhere will have a hard time too. This might be best watched with headphones or on a good sound system.

E11 climbing film reviewThis film is fairly short at around three quarters of an hour, but that feels about right. There were some moments when I lost interest a bit, but that was probably due to not being able to make out all of the talking. I would of liked to of seen some more footage of the actual holds, the only one we really got a close up on was the final hold at the top. Some explanation of the moves would of been welcome. I found this lack of focus on the actual climbing a little frustrating, as I did on The Long Hope too. There are some nice cut away scenes, the highlight being the comedy weather reports which had me laughing out loud at the line “as sticky as shit to a blanket”. The music is mostly British hip hop which makes a nice change.

2.5 / 5 stars