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climbing video Frequesnt Flyers

Frequent Flyers

This is one of those reviews I had to write immediately. Frequent Flyers is a very enjoyable rock climbing film. Its follows some guys as they take a trip around the world with the single intention of bouldering. They start in the States, then go to Europe and the Far East. Bouldering can be pretty boring on TV but this is packed with quality content. I got the feeling they had tonnes of footage and only used a fraction to create a quality bouldering movie.

frequent flyers climbing video reviewThe production is pretty low-fi with handheld cameras, but it was done well. It really felt like they put the extra effort into getting good shots. The editing was good too and I like the black and white cut away scenes where the climbers gave us their thoughts. It was a nice touch giving us some snippets of the traveling too. The music is a mixed bunch, it starts pretty repetitive which is good as it blends in well, but there are a few dodgy tracks which was off putting.

The highlight was certainly New Zealand which will surely go on many climbers’ bucket list after they see this. It looks like a beautiful place to indulge in a long bouldering holiday. The final segment in Japan also deserves a mention just for the vibes of the place and the enthusiastic locals. England looked like a bit of a nightmare (I’m British and can’t stand the rain) but France was a little better.

The climbing is pretty inspiring and the first real scene (of the girl in the yellow top) was awesome. Having so many completely different locations meant there was plenty of variety in the rock and the holds. They didn’t really stop to explore the problems on camera but that is cool as this was a tour de force of many different problems across the globe.

I couldn’t find a Youtube video for this one so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Its highly recommended, especially if you love climbing mixed with travel, and of course bouldering.

4 / 5 stars