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King Lines

The standard format for climbing movies is to bunch together a collection of short films of different climbers in various locations. Some movies go down the route of a person or group of climbers on a single route. King Lines combines these two as it follows one man in various locations around the world. That man is the world’s number one climber Chris Sharma. We get to see a little history including his family home and his first climbing instructor. We hear the story of how it all began for him and see his “job”. The job is basically enjoying hard adventure climbing everywhere and anywhere.

King Lines featuring Chris Sharma reviewKing Lines starts with some deep water soloing in Spain. The locations are beautiful and Chris focuses on a very attractive arch above the water in Mallorca. We see him compete in a competition too in Spain, as well as attempt a really big overhanging wall. Later he climbs a big wall with his friend and original climbing instructor in the States. This wall features crack climbing which is always exciting to watch. Towards the end he sets off on a trek to a spectacular, remote region of Venezuela (pictured). They experience a lot of rain but it looks like a really cool place to discover new boulder problems.

deep water soloing in SpainThe movie was produced by Big Up Productions and Sender Films. It was released in 2007, so it isn’t quite as polished production-wise as some more recent flicks, but it is still excellent. The music compliments the scenes well. Sharma is a pleasant, humble character who keeps things consistent. The climbing itself is difficult and powerful, which makes it fun to watch. There is plenty of variation in disciplines too. This is one of my favorite climbing DVDs and I highly recommend it.

Apple – Chris Sharma from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

4.5 / 5 stars