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Trad climbing film


Odyssey is a British climbing movie which follows a small group around England. If you read this before 20th November 2012 then you too can watch it online for free at This is a good bit of marketing as I’m sure I’ll buy this the next time I want to watch it. The video is hosted on Vimeo so I’ll be keeping an eye out on there for any more Hot Ache productions.

Odyssy climbing movie reviewOdyssey really shows an appreciation for the English countryside. The camera work is excellent and there is a real focus on location rather than just climbing. It feels very well crafted and is visually very pleasant to watch. The pretty chilled out music is perfect as it just adds to the atmosphere.

There is plenty of talk about the British way of not using bolts. This gives the film a solid theme all the way through. It makes a nice change to see so much trad climbing in great locations. This is quite a slow paced watch. Don’t expect super difficult climbing. Instead this is a great change of pace from the standard format of lots of bouldering and loud music. I highly recommend this, it has certainly provided me with a new enthusiasm for films from the UK.

4 / 5 stars