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climbing film Pilgramage in India


Pilgrimage bouldering film reviewI was delighted when flicking through some of my new rock climbing DVDs when I realised Pilgrimage was set in Hampi (South India). Sometimes it is nice to watch a climbing film in an exotic setting. Hampi certainly qualifies as an exotic setting. This is a place I went to 15 years ago and I loved it. Although climbing never crossed my mind, the place was etched in my mind as a beautiful area, with a unique landscape of boulders.

Pilgrimage follows Chris Sharma and two other climbers around this region in the South of India for a few weeks. It is a very well made DVD with excellent music. The climbing scenes are interspersed with some welcome cut away footage of the scenery and climbers talking. Some of the talking parts are inspiring, particularly the moving section with Katie Brown, explaining her rediscovery of her love for climbing.

Having been to (and loved) Hampi I may be biased, so I’ll look for negatives. Perhaps some people will find the bouldering only style here limited. Some even might find it a bit too “hippie” with meditation shots. I guess the production of the film isn’t perfect either. For me none of this mattered. This was an enjoyable slice of “something different”. It made me want to brave the poverty and “Delhi belly” of India and re-visit the area to join in.

4 / 5 stars