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review of reel rock 2010

Reel Rock 2010

This is a collection of various climbing videos in very different situations. There is unsurprisingly a segment for Chris Sharma, where we see him climbing some tough walls in Spain. There is a section featuring some quality young climbers who focus on very hard boulder problems. An experienced climber ascends a big wall and shows us his passion for the sport. And last but not least Ueli Steck attempts to break the speed record at Mount Eiger.

reel-rock-2010-reviewAs you would expect from Sender Films, the production is great. They really seem to go the extra mile to bring us quality footage. For example travelling all the way to Tasmania off the coast of Australia, to try some new climbs in a very isolated region. There is a shortened version of Dean Potters Fly or Die which also features in the First Scent Series. Normally I wouldn’t be happy about seeing something repeated on another DVD, but this is a great little free base film (climbing massive walls with a parachute instead of rope), which is worthy of repeat watches.

This is a well rounded DVD with video segments to please most tastes. My personal favourite part was the last section which had some beautiful shots at the end, as Steck reached the summit on his speed ice climbing of the Eiger. It doesn’t matter if you are into alpine, big walls, bouldering or adventure. This is quality stuff and highly recommended.

4 / 5 stars