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Return2Sender crack climbing

Return 2 Sender

Return 2 Sender s an older production (2003) from Sender Films (who I am fixated with at the moment). It doesn’t have the smooth production of the newer releases. It is altogether a more casual affair and this is a good thing (initially). The movie is made up of various short films like Sender’s future releases Reel Rock and First Ascent.              

The first film Parallelojams, is all about hard crack climbing. It looks painful but this segment really made me appreciate this style. We get up close and personal with the holds and there are some excellent explanations from the climbers. The whole film is brought to life by the climbing world’s Mr Funny Timmy O’Neill, who makes fun of his peers and generally monkeys around. This combination of comedy and excellent footage makes this one of the best short climbing films I have seen.

Return 2 Sender reviewNext up is a 10 year old girl who has a strong passion for hard bouldering. This makes a refreshing change and it is great to see a youngster with such enthusiasm and talent. Then surely a world first, pregnant climbing. This part is just a few minutes long and my guess is that the woman is the director’s wife?

The next film is about Michael Reardon free soloing. It features some good narration from Reardon but this type of footage makes me a little uneasy. So much so that I Googled his name and was disappointed (although not surprised) to discover that he had died climbing, in Ireland. Click here to view the Wikipedia entry.

After a couple of minutes watching dogs climb, we get to see some cool footage of base jumping. Most of which is in a massive hole in the ground. The final section features Timmy O’Neill again, who is attempting a big wall in Greenland with another climber. It is a great location but this one just doesn’t translate well to video. Lots of cut away scenes and Timmy being silly and no real climbing.

note: Return 2 Sender is worth buying for the first film Parallelojams, which lasts 40+ minutes and is worth 5 stars.

“one of the best short climbing films I have seen”


3 / 5 stars