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the Long Hope scene

The Long Hope

The Long Hope is pretty much the opposite of the last DVD I reviewed, Thrutch. This is made to be a proper film with far less actual climbing. It is the story of a remote wall around 350 meters high. The climbing is varied and takes some turns so the route is longer.

It starts fairly slow with flashbacks to the past and writings from previous climbers read aloud. This is a heart felt story of one mans quest to complete the route in a day. Dave MacLeod painstakingly cleans the rock and the weather gets in the way too. The whole thing seems like a big nightmare. He even has a hard time finding a partner to do it with him.

Long Hope reviewI found this DVD to be a little boring really. It is an admirable attempt and I was certainly glad I watched it. But it won’t be getting a repeat play anytime soon. The Long Hope gets more interesting towards the end when most of the climbing action takes place. Until this time I hadn’t realised just how scary this wall is.

It is a tough climb and I was almost proud of the climbers when they made it to the top. I think this is because they really showed us a human side to rock climbing. For example the old man who had a glimmer in his eyes as he revisited his old stomping grounds. This made for slightly dull viewing but was heart warming at the same time. If you are bored of noisy bouldering films with no depth, then this is a nice alternative.

This DVD is available from which is the star’s own site. I’ve not been through it yet but it looks like he has an active blog and other DVDs too.

2.5 / 5 stars