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review of The Players movie

The Players

The Players follows the familiar format of short climbing films collected together in one movie. This release does it better than most. There are the expected bouldering films set in places like Colorado. But the real bonus here is that there are also some cool locations abroad too.

The China segment is interesting but a little short. The Vietnam deepwater soloing film is my favorite part. I’m a big fan of climbing videos set in exotic locations like this. It looks like the perfect climbing holiday. Hire a boat and explore, and what better area than Halong Bay in Vietnam which is famous for it’s natural beauty. I like the little invention of golf gloves with rubber on for deepwater soloing, wonder if it will catch on?

Anyway back to The Players. The climbers are obviously all talented and there are some familiar faces like Chris Sharma, Lisa Rands and Daniel Woods. They all explain why they are “players” in climbing which is a good excuse to get them to tell us about their passion, and their place in the climbing world.

For me this is the perfect type of movie because it is all about the climbing, which is complimented perfectly by narration from the climbers and cool music. There are lots of difficult and powerful moves. It also features a good deal of variety which keeps it interesting all the way through.

I highly recommend this one and it can be downloaded or ordered on DVD from BS Productions also have a few other DVDs available so I’ll be checking them out soon.