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The Scene movie

The Scene

The Scene was released in August 2011. As the title suggests this climbing movie is all about climbing scenes in different places for different people. It starts well with remote areas of the USA and the people who live their to climb. Later we see competition climbing in Austria. Finally we check out the Spanish scene.

Production wise it is pretty good, not on a part with Sender Film’s polished releases but certainly better than average. I did feel that there was a lack of camera angles in some parts and I was bending my head sometimes to get my bearings on the walls. On the Spain film I found it very annoying that the subtitles were often white on a white background, how hard can it be to make them readable?

The movie features plenty of interesting characters and the concept of getting them to explain their own climbing world works brilliantly (although I felt that I have seen the Chris Sharma story in Spain on other DVDs). It really makes this more than just a collection of climbing clips. It was filmed in HD and can be purchased on Blu-ray (maybe if you watch it in this format on a quality TV those subtitles will be readable). The director also made Pure and Core, two DVDs on my to-buy list.

The Scene Official Trailer from Chuck Fryberger on Vimeo.

3.5 / 5 stars