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Thrutch climbing review


thrutch reviewThrutch is a pretty basic rock climbing film. It does not have any sort of storyline or talking from the actual climbers. There are lots of different climbers all doing bouldering. The music is pretty bad, actually it is terrible. The camera poor quality. The scenes jump too quickly without exploring any problems in any real depth.

Basically this is not great at all. Especially for an inexperienced climber like myself. Experienced climbers may have a different view and I can see some people really liking this because it is just pure rock climbing (bouldering). For me this took about 4 or 5 part viewings to get through the whole thing and to be honest I was happy when it was over.

Definition of the term ‘thrutch’ from

Description of awkward and strenuous moves, usually up a crack or chimney, when the climber feels like she is going to fall out and has to resort to whatever moves possible to keep on the rock. Another use is thrutching.

Usage: After getting up the Crack of Fear you remark, “Wow buddy, I didn’t think I was gonna get up that off-width section—it was a total thrutch!”

1 / 5 stars