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a good bouldering DVD

Western Gold

Western Gold is one of the more chilled out rock climbing movies. It has a vibe of it’s own. It feels very current with a quality picture and sleek production. It does feel like a low budget film, but a very well made one.

Western Gold climbing filmThe music is kind of ambient with beats behind it to keep the energy up, on it’s own the music wouldn’t be very good but it fits in very well here. It is the sort of DVD that I imagine would be perfect playing in the background at a climbing store.

The settings are beautiful with luscious greenery and boulders besides rocky rivers or in pine forests. There are lots of good boulder problems on show here from 5 areas in the West of the USA. This appreciation of the surroundings and chilled pace make this a pleasant watch. If you have had a hard day of activity this would be a good choice for some pretty relaxed viewing.

This is one of the more impressive bouldering films and is especially recommended for lovers of boulders in scenic areas. It is visually very attractive and runs smoothly, so I think most people will enjoy this one. The picture looks especially good on a high quality screen. You can get it from It looks like this is the first DVD Savage Films has created, hopefully there will be lots more to come.

Western Gold Trailer from Savage Films on Vimeo.